Month: February 2018

godin ruvane lgx-sa

Ruvane Joins Godin Guitars

Although hybrid guitars have been part of Ruvane’s arsenal for years, it wasn’t until he discovered the Godin  LGX-SA that he truly was able to unlock the full potential of the hybrid guitar. Featuring acoustic, electric, and midi capabilities, the LGX-SA will become a strong force in Ruvane’s live-looping show.

bubble tron

Ruvane Joins Keeley Electronics as Official Keeley Artist

Ruvane has been using Robert Keeley’s pedals for years. The high quality components and unique tonal characteristics make their pedals extremely desirable in the studio and on stage. Check out the Bubble Tron and Compressor Plus on tour with Ruvane. You’ll hear a host of other Keeley pedals on his studio recordings as well.

GHS Ruvane

Ruvane Joins GHS Strings Family

Ruvane has joined the GHS family, formally solidifying his relationship with the Michigan based string company. Ruvane uses IB40M INFINITY BRONZE and CB-GBL COATED BOOMERS on his acoustic and electric guitars, and the GHS sound can be heard at his upcoming tour dates and album releases.

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