Impressive and lightweight studio isolation and absorption products that Ruvane uses exclusively in Atmosphere Room Studio.

Clifton Guitarworks
Incredible handmade guitars from rescued wood, Ruvane proudly tours with CG’s first hybrid guitar.

CNZ Audio
Ruvane plays J&D acoustic and electric guitars distributed by CNZ Audio. Among a wide variety  of guitars, percussion, pedals, and other accessories, CNZ Audio specializes in high quality, low cost instruments.

G7th Capos
Extremely accurate capos, trusted in Ruvane’s studio and on the road.

GHS Strings
Ruvane uses IB40M INFINITY BRONZE and CB-GBL COATED BOOMERS. Made in the USA, these strings rock! (GHS Artist)

Godin Guitars
Ruvane plays Godin hybrid guitars on tour. Unbelievable tone and versatility!

Peterson Tuners
Amazingly accurate Tuners that can’t be beat.

Keeley Electronics
Among the many effects in Ruvane’s arsenal,  Robert Keeley’s pedals are responsible for some of the most recognizable of Ruvane’s (Keeley Artist) tone and style. You can catch him on tour with both the Bubble Tron and Compressor Plus.

Evolved Body Art
Evolved specializes in piercings, tattoos, and jewelry. They work with some of the finest body artists in the world!

The Original Coin Guitar Picks
Incredible, hand-crafted guitar picks Ruvane builds from world coins and tokens. Owned by more than 5 dozen celebrities and thousands of professionals & amateurs, The Original Coin Guitar Picks will significantly improve your tone and protect your strings from premature breakage.

Celestion Speakers
The best guitar speakers on the planet! Ruvane uses both their guitar products as well as PA solutions.

Bonfire Boost
Boutique clean boost pedal Ruvane created. Perfect live or for the studio!

String Swing
Ruvane’s favorite guitar organization company. Completely outfitting Ruvane’s Atmosphere Room, String Swing makes the ultimate instrument hanging solution.

Brian Fechino
An incredibly gifted guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Brian recorded lead guitar and bass for a number of Ruvane’s albums.

Jimi “Jazz” Prescott
One of the funkiest bassists around, Jimi recorded tracks for a bunch of Ruvane’s albums.

Peter Himmelman
A truly multi-faceted musician, Peter Himmelman is an Emmy-nominated TV composer, an acclaimed creator of children’s music and a critically lauded rock troubadour.

Rick Recht
High energy-super talented artist from St. Louis, MO.

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