6/18/09 Buffalo Wild Wings Coralville, IA

The drive to Coralville was really peaceful.  In my opinion, Iowa will certainly maintain its position as a leader in alternative energy.  The fields  of windmills certainly will have a positive impact on the state and will hopefully inspire other areas to jump on the alternative energy bandwagon.  I stopped at the Williamsburg outlets to poke around, and found a sweet watch at Fossil.

The humidity preceding last night’s show was indescribable.  It was the most foul feeling sweat I’ve ever experienced.  It was difficult to breathe and I couldn’t even have imagined playing outside.  On a happier note, the weather inside B-dubs was much cooooooooler.  After the show, Mendel brought me to the Old Capitol to  be interviewed for “As Daniel Sees It,” a new web-based mini show.  I played “I’m Home” on the Old Capitol steps, looking out at the downtown area, as I reminisced about my days at the University of Iowa.

‘Til next time, savor the sunshine, embrace the rain, and always remember to smile!

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