6/20/09 Buffalo Wild Wings Dubuque, IA

My brother Mendel woke me up today and said I had 5 minutes to leave for a mystery journey.  This journey ended up taking us through the back roads of Eastern Iowa.  Our first stop was the Sutliff Cider Company.  We enjoyed samples, a tour of the facility and a fresh, delicious bottle of Hard Cider directly from the bottling room.  After we had our “fruit” food group, we moved on to Kalona, where we wandered through a small street fair and ate buffalo burgers and freshly made fries… our “meat” and “vegetable” food group.  Before we made our way to our final stop, we of course needed to get a serving from the “cotton candy” food group.  Mendel and I headed toward two silos in the distance, where we came across the Kalona Cheese House.  W ith quite a selection to choose from, I ordered some squeaky cheese for a mid afternoon snack.

After a short nap, we headed up to Dubuque.  The drive was pretty, as the often flat land of Iowa turned into rolling hills and valleys. I ran into a couple from Columbus at the show, small world.  It again was very humid and a pleasure to play inside.  The staff was super friendly.  Oh, I almost forgot, this guy bet me that if I could eat 6 Blazin’ wings, he’d buy a  CD.  Well, needless to say, I finished all 6 in a matter of about a minute.  Poor sap… 🙂

‘Til next time, savor the sunshine, embrace the rain, and always remember to smile!

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