Pick Punch Rocks! (Click to read more)

Check out this sweet invention I just discovered!  The Pick Punch is a guitarist’s dream.  I ordered both the original (351 style), and the new “jazz” style, and they are truly amazing!  I’ve punched picks from old CDs, gift cards, and even a place mat I picked up at Target today.  It always seems that I’m searching for picks, and I now have so many it’s ridiculous.  I’m able to curve and shape the picks with a Dremel tool and sandpaper to get the exact spec I want.  

Not only is the Pick Punch heavy duty, but it’s very inexpensive compared to the hundreds, if not thousands of picks I plan on punching with it.  On their website, they charge $24.99, and I’ve already made more picks than that would have cost me in the store.

I’m truly impressed with the Pick Punch, and if you’re like I am, and constantly lose your picks or give them away from the stage, you need to check this thing out!

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