6/6/09 Inheritance Valley Vineyard

I thoroughly enjoyed my drive to Southern Illinois.  After arriving and unwinding on Friday night, Steve and I wound through the rolling hills of Shawnee amid dense fruit trees and grape vines.  The weather was perfect Saturday afternoon and we played in the new Gazebo at Inheritance Valley. 

It is truly a unique experience to stand on a stage in the middle of wine country and look out over the young vines growing in anticipation of the next vintage’s harvest.  Inheritance Valley is one of the smallest wineries on the Shawnee Wine Trail, but certainly one of the most enjoyable to visit each year.  Attached are some pictures from the drive to Southern Illinois, some of the landscape on the trail, and of course pics from the show.

At the end of the pictures, there are two pics of overturned trees that are left over from the “hurri-nado” that residents of Southern Illinois experienced.  I put on my figurative flannel shirt and learned how to use a chain saw today.  I became a man today after I chopped up a few helpless tree chunks.  ‘

‘Til next time, savor the sunshine, embrace the rain, and always remember to smile!

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