6/7/09 Rustle Hill Winery

Steve and I drove back to Cobden for more Shawnee Wine Trail fun today.  The weather wasn’t quite as amazing, but the rain held off until we finished playing.  This was our first time visiting Rustle Hill, and what a sight it was.  The grounds were spacious with a large amphitheater, small pond, and plenty of seating.  The stage was neatly tucked into the two level patio and gave us a spectacular view of the winery.  I often lost myself during certain instrumental jams, just looking out over the land.  I’ll be spending some time working out some new material over the next few days before I head out to Kansas City, and eventually Manhattan for Friday’s show.

On the way back from the show, it sounded like it was raining against the windshield.  That thin piece of glass between the road and the steering wheel ultimately led to the demise of many, many small bugs.

‘Til next time, savor the sunshine, embrace the rain, and always remember to smile!

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