6/10/09 Columbus Alive: What are you Wearing? Ruvane Kurland

What are you wearing? Ruvane Kurland

Wednesday,  June 10, 2009 2:50 PM
By Brittany Kress

Job: Musician

Neighborhood: Reynoldsburg

Hometown: Council Bluffs, Iowa

Label your style: “Preppy rock”

So this is something you’d wear on stage? Absolutely. Astor & Black does shirts for me that I can tour with. It’s really cool, because they have been able to be conscious of the sleeves, the length for strumming, everything’s been very calculated.

What effect do your clothes have on your performance? If the audience is wearing a [different] style of clothes, they take it multiple ways. “This guy’s different, that’s cool;””This guy’s kind of weird, but we’ll hear what he has to say;”or, worst case scenario, “This guys dresses differently, he thinks he’s better than us, we’re not paying attention.” And I’ve only got that vibe from pockets of people, but that’s so not the case.

What do you wear normally? I look at all of the current trends and take them with a grain of salt. You’ll never see me wearing man-Uggs or Crocs. I love retro T-shirts, I wear a lot of watches.

What’s your weakness? Shoes. I have about 60 to 70 pairs; I rival many women. Journeys has some interesting shoes. The one pair in one size sitting in the back that nobody wanted because it was too funky – usually that’s the one that I want.

Tell me about your hair. It used to be longer. When I was living in Chicago, Ambush Makeover found me. They changed it, and I’ve been refining it since.

What’s your favorite city for shopping? Everywhere has something to offer. But I do enjoy going to the coasts, because it takes fashion about two years to get to the Midwest.

The outfit:

Shirt: Astor & Black

Jeans: International Concepts

Shoes: Steve Madden

Watch: Fossil

Guitar: Taylor

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