6/13/09 Roadhouse-Lincoln, NE

On the way from Manhattan to Lincoln, I stopped in at Amigo’s in Beatrice, NE, my once a year location for the infamous “Cheesy Burrito.”  I order this cheesy mess of goodness wrapped up in a flour tortilla, and cover it with their signature spicy cheese sauce.  Although they refuse to share the recipe, I’m convinced they will break down one of these days…

Ahhh, the Roadhouse.  It’s quite a delight to come back to this venue each year.  There’s always something fun happening there,  and an eclectic audience from bikers to ballers, preppies to oldies.  The staff are always fun and friendly and the ranch dressing is sa-weeeet.  I closed the show with a funky jammed out Purple Rain, and quickly loaded up so I could sleep a few hours before an early, early flight to the Twin Cities.

On my way to Council Bluffs, IA after the show, I had the great fortune to drive 75 mph on the interstate, legally.  This is one of the few places I’ve ever seen a 75mph zone, if not only one.  I tried to get a picture, but I was moving too fast. 🙂

‘Til next time, savor the sunshine, embrace the rain, and always remember to smile!



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