6/15/09 Steve King Show CD 105.9 Omaha, NE


I almost missed visiting with Steve King today.  I was stuck in the traffic that his staff was reporting on.  Fortunately, I made it with 2 minutes to spare.  I enjoyed returning to perform on Steve’s show.  I’ll be posting a link to the mp3 of the segment as soon as it is available.

On another note, for the last few years, my mom has been telling me about seeing wild turkeys in the front yard.  As far as I could remember, there were NEVER wild turkeys in the yard while I was growing up.  I seriously thought she might be drinking Wild Turkey, because every time she’d call to tell me about the turkeys in her yard, the number kept growing.  At last count there were 20-30 that she reported.  Ready for it…TODAY I SAW A TURKEY IN MY MOM’S FRONT YARD CROSSING THE ROAD WITH HIS FRIENDS!  It was very funny the way they strut away when you walk toward them.  They don’t run, they just sort of saunter away.  Well, at least I know my mom isn’t drunk or going mad…

‘Til next time, savor the sunshine, embrace the rain, and always remember to smile!


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