LIVE 2010
1. I Don't Know
2. 1305
3. I Will Follow
4. Blankets and Stars
5. Good Morning
6. Complicated
7. Why I Come By
I'm Home
Life in 360° 2009
1. I Don't Know
2. I'm Home
3. Good Morning
4. Complicated
5. Trees
6. Breathe
7. Blankets and Stars
8. Probability
9. Eternal Wonder
10. Sun
Ruvane Kurland Live From the Midwest (DVD) 2007

Ruvane Kurland, acoustic folk-rock troubadour, makes his debut on-screen performance in the documentary, RUVANE KURLAND LIVE FROM THE MIDWEST. An experiment with up-and-coming director, Brad Holtzman, Kurland explores the concept of D-I-Y musicianship.

Having acted as his own booking agent, promoter, roady and merchandiser on his tour of a ten state Midwest region in the summer of 2006, Kurland racked up over 3500 miles on his 4 week trek. Holtzman tracked Kurland’s journeys including stage performances, interviews, city exploration and filming of a music video for “Broken Down,” the single from Six String Ride’s (Kurland/Steve Wierman) CD, “Traveler.”

You’ve seen the stars in lavish hotel rooms, tour buses, and large amp laden stages, now see how the rest of the music industry tours; smaller venues, home hospitality, fast food, and small friendly towns.

FEATURES MUSIC BY: Rick Recht, Adam Klein, Blythe Milby, BZ, Kentron, JoBu, Kerouline, and Six String Ride

Includes the following bonus features on Disc 2: Adventures at White Castle, Family Reflections, Blooper Reel, and 6 Bonus Songs


Traveler (Six String Ride) 2006
1. Why I Come By
2. Airborne Stranger
3. 1305
4. Stringtown
5. Broken Down
6. Dogen's Dog
7. Waters Edge
8. Wounded Bones
9. I Will Follow
10. Call Me Maestro

Chicagoland Musicians Compilation 2004
1.12,500-Billy Mick Band   
2. 3 Minutes-The Hunt Club
3. Spoiled Thoughts-Francesca Ruffo  
4. Little Black Lines- Steven Francque
5. Feed the Sheep- Aesthetic Sense 
6. Yours For Free-John Michaels
7. Candle Wax-Tony Mcguire 
8. Blood, Sweat, and Beers-Dave the Bass Player
9. Enough For Me- Barbara Hollek

10. I Don't Know-Ruvane Kurland
11. What We Really Want-Tim C. 
12. Any Day Now-Joe Corrado 
13. Freaky Place-K C Wilkerson 
14. Time is Right-Jason Kluss 
15. She's the Best-Evan J. Howes 

16. Me Missing You-Bill Ekhoff 

17. What You Leave Behind-Nature Devil



Drops of Time 2000



1. Only You 
2. G. S. Tickle
3. Hourglass
4. Walking in Night Rain
5. Rivers Flow
6. Unkind Beating Heart
7. Footprints

8. Rainstorm Silences

9. No Need to Talk

10. Link



Esoteric Perfection 1997
1. Half Empty
2. Esoteric Perfection
3. Running Ground
4. Miss You
5. Mind Tears
6. Silhouette
7. Bigger Than all That
8. Yesterday
9. Destiny for the Mind
10. Check Your Thoughts at the Door



Acoustically Speaking 1996

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