‘Kurland spins a memorable hook, with an arrangement that is competent and moody, even reminiscent of Bo Ramsey’s ethereal guitar work ”Half Empty,” the
disc’s first cut, is Kurland’s music at its acoustic pop best: kinetic and eminently hummable.’
-Brendan Wolfe, Icon, Iowa City, Iowa

‘I always admire someone who can put their dreams out for public scrutiny. The song ‘Esoteric Perfection,’ really is thought provoking.’
-Peter Himmelman, Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles, California

‘Ruvane’s playing and singing are great. But, above all, his passion, honesty, and love of music are wonderful! (and contagious)’
-Rick Recht, Singer/Songwriter, St. Louis, Missouri

“An emerging singer/songwriter.”
-Kyle MacMillan, Omaha  World Herald, Omaha, Nebraska

“Very nice, our first instincts were good…that was good stuff. (Response to a live performance on the “Todd and Tyler Show”)
-Todd and Tyler, top rated morning drive disc jockeys, Z92.3 FM, Omaha, Nebraska

“Kurland has become a regular performer at numerous local establishments.”
Megan Porter, The Daily Iowan, Iowa City, Iowa

“The acoustic guitar was well played and creative…the lyrics are wonderfully visual.”
Amber Hunt, The Propergander, Iowa City, Iowa

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