Celebrate Columbus in Song Compilation CD



The 200Columbus Celebrate Columbus in Song contest was a true community-wide effort.

123 artists and bands submitted to the contest, and more than 4,600 people cast nearly 10,000 votes to choose the top 13 artists from the 29 finalists of the Celebrate Columbus in Song contest.

Proceeds support the 200Columbus Bicentennial effort and the musicians who created the songs.


01 Introduction | Mayor Michael B. Coleman

02 200Columbus Anthem | ComposerMilton Ruffin

03 Here In Columbus | The Castros

04 In My Town (ft. Keisha Le Soleil) | Ceezar

05 The Street Where I Live | Donna Mogavero

06 The Buckeye City | Elijah Aaron

07 Colors of Columbus | Enrique Infante

08 My City | HellNKeller

09 Columbus and Color T.V. | Joey Hebdo

10 Dear Columbus| Black Ties Only

11 The Rhodes Tower | Mike Wojniak

13 Parsons Avenue | Miller-Kelton

14 I’m Home | Ruvane Kurland

15 5-Below On High Street | Truck-Stop Poets

16 good day columbus | willie phoenixCelebrate Columbus in Song


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